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Communicating With a Mask

Tips for Better Communication While Wearing A Face Mask

Wearing a face mask when you go outside or interact with other people has become a part of our routine. Although face masks are helpful for preventing the spread of germs and keeping us healthy, they can be an inconvenience for those with hearing loss.

Hearing loss makes it difficult to hear certain sounds and syllables, resulting in speech sounding muffled or unclear. Many people with hearing loss rely on lip reading to fully understand the conversation, but with a face mask that becomes impossible. Even though communicating while wearing a face mask seems difficult, there are some tips you can follow to continue hearing your best.

Tips for Those with Hearing Loss

Not being able to effectively communicate with other people can be frustrating and embarrassing at times. If you have a hearing loss and are having a difficult time communicating, then follow the tips below.

  • Wear your hearing aids
  • Eliminate background noise
  • Use a speech detection app
  • Use an assistive listening device
  • Keep eye contact with the speaker

Tips for Those Speaking to Someone with Hearing Loss

If you have a friend or family member who has hearing loss, then follow these tips to help them hear and communicate better. Remember, your support and patience are some of the best ways you can help them.

  • Speak at a lower, louder volume
  • Enunciate your words
  • If they aren’t understanding what you’re saying, try rephrasing it
  • Wear a clear face mask
  • Slow down, don’t talk too fast

Work Together for Optimal Communication

For the best success it’s important to communicate your needs with others. If you have hearing loss, don’t be afraid to ask the speaker to repeat themselves if you couldn’t understand what they said. It’s also helpful to keep eye contact. Without being able to read their lips and see most of their facial expressions, maintaining eye contact can help you understand the conversation better.

For those who are communicating with a loved one or friend who has hearing loss, it’s important to be patient and to ask them what you can do to make communicating easier and more effective.

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Communicating while wearing a face mask can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. One of the best ways to ensure you hear the conversation is to wear your hearing aids. If you need any help with your hearing aids, whether you need a repair, a cleaning, adjustments, or you would like to explore new options, then call us today. We would be happy to help you hear better and reconnect with the ones you love. Request an Appointment!