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About the Staff

Our dynamic team brings years of extensive experience to the table, to better serve you and take care of your hearing. Read on to get to know the professionals you'll be seeing during your visit to Hearing Aid Consultants of CNY!

Peter McMahon from Hearing Consultants of CNY

Peter McMahon

Peter McMahon is a 2007 graduate of Utica College and holds a B.S. degree in business management. He joined the original practice of Audiology Consultants in August 2007. Peter obtained his hearing aid dispensing license in 2009 and is now the chief executive officer of Hearing Aid Consultants of CNY. He is very passionate about providing individuals with the best possible hearing care, and feels everyone deserves to hear. He really enjoys what he does and loves making a difference in the way people hear. Peter currently resides in Camillus with his wife, Leigh, and their two daughters, Lily and Audrey.

Judy McMahon of Hearing Consultants of CNY

Dr. Judy McMahon

Dr. Judy McMahon is a lifelong resident of Cortland. Her undergraduate education began at SUNY Cortland in 1979. In 1987, she earned her master’s degree in audiology from Ithaca College. In 1997, she established Audiology Consultants, so she could provide a needed service to the hearing impaired in her community. In 2004, she earned her clinical doctorate in audiology. In 2017, the practice transitioned to what is known today at Hearing Aid Consultants of CNY, and Judy works there still providing audiology services to all ages. Judy currently lives in Cortland with her husband Joe.

Nina MacLean of Hearing Consultants of CNY

Nina MacLean

When it’s time to call Hearing Aid Consultants of CNY, Nina, who joined the practice in June 2005, will help you schedule an appointment. Whether it’s for an evaluation or to discuss hearing aids, Nina will listen to your concerns and connect you with the appropriate person. Nina manages our Cortland location, and is a lifelong resident of Cortland, along with her husband Mike.

Terri Williams of Hearing Consultants of CNY

Terri Williams

Terri Williams joined our team in 2014 and manages our Baldwinsville location. As a Syracuse native she attended Baldwinsville High School, where her main focus was business. She has lived her whole life in the Syracuse area and currently resides in Cicero, New York.

Kelley Robinson of Hearing Consultants of CNY

Kelley Robinson

Kelley Robinson also joined our team in 2014 and manages our Ithaca location. She was born and raised in Cortland, New York. Kelley attended Homer High School, located in a small town right outside of Cortland. In her free time she stays busy while attending her two sons’ sports activities and family activities. Kelley and her two sons currently reside in Cortland.

Tammy Wood of Hearing Consultants of CNY

Tammy Wood

"I was raised by my great grandparents and grandparents. Three of them had significant hearing loss. As a teenager I worked in a ladies-only retirement home and was responsible for their activities. It was difficult to communicate with some as they also had hearing loss but did not use hearing aids. Later in life I had the opportunity to be educated and trained as a hearing aid dispenser when EarQ first opened. In June of 2004, I became board certified in hearing instrument sciences. Board certification means that your hearing healthcare professional has been accredited by the National Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences (NBC-HIS). Over the years I have built wonderful relationships with the people I serve. The most fulfilling part of my job is to see the changes that occur as a patient starts to hear and communicate better. Their whole demeanor changes, and they seem happier, younger, and more engaged in life. I want to continue to help people achieve this."

Shannon Fullmer of Hearing Consultants of CNY

Shannon Fullmer

Shannon has worked as a Hearing Care Coordinator/Billing Specialist since 2014. She has maintained professional contact with insurance companies since 2009. Shannon truly loves every aspect of insurance billing and will always be willing to answer any questions or concerns regarding insurance benefits and reimbursements. You can also find her managing our Syracuse, Fayetteville and Skaneateles locations. Shannon grew up in Brewerton, NY and currently resides in Baldwinsville with her husband and 3 children.

Patient Testimonials

We love hearing success stories from satisfied patients! Below are just a few, for your reading pleasure:

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"Having worn hearing aids for 30 years, I was glad to meet Hearing Aid Consultants nine years ago. We had moved to Cortland from New Jersey to be with two of our children who lived nearby. With new hearing aids of the latest design, I have been able to continue being a volunteer at Cortland Hospital. It is important to hear clearly what the incoming people want. Hearing is important so we do not give wrong directions or make any mistakes. I would not be able to help at the hospital without good hearing aids. Frequent cleaning and checkups at no cost keep me helping others."

~ Steve B.

"I appreciate the prompt and caring response I receive from Hearing Aid Consultants and the way Judy and Peter make me feel like a partner in my hearing health!"

~ J. V.

"Although I am only 16 years old, hearing aids have changed my life for the better! I never realized before getting hearing aids just how badly my slight hearing loss affected my life. Now, wearing hearing aids, I no longer struggle to hear teachers in class and can better participate in conversations without having to ask for words or phrases to be repeated. I can also perform better on the basketball court now that I can hear my teammates. My quality of life has improved with the use of my hearing aids!"

~ Casey G.

"Hearing Aid Consultants introduced me to Oticon, and I cannot say enough about the perfection of an Oticon hearing aid. I am on my second aid, and it is absolutely the very best!"

~ James E. P.

"Like many people, I was in denial about my hearing loss. My adult children, along with other family members, were always saying to me, ‘You don’t hear a darn thing. You better get your ears checked.’ Well, I did. I knew I was having some difficulty deciphering some conversations; what sounded like one thing to me was actually not what was being said. I had a hearing consultation and test with a local ear, nose, and throat doctor. It confirmed that I did have some hearing loss and was not hearing some sounds. It was time to get serious about getting hearing aids. I was given a list of local audiologists by the doctor. Upon doing some investigation and talking to friends and acquaintances, Cortland Audiology came highly recommended. I met with Peter. He was wonderful. He also did a hearing check and suggested an aid that would be suitable for my purposes. I have been wearing aids now for almost six months. It really is nice to hear the conversations as they are being said. Peter was patient, kind, understanding, and knowledgeable. Nina is a great asset to the office as well. Any time I call or stop by, I am greeted warmly. No more complaints from the family. Life is good! Thank you, Audiology¬†Consultants!"

~ C. J.

"After a consultation and a very thorough hearing exam, I received my hearing aids from Hearing Aid Consultants of Cortland and am very pleased with the results. I hear significantly better, feel safer, am more confident, and especially enjoy the sounds of nature I had been missing. The staff is very supportive."

~ Shirley M. C.

"I have been a patient of Dr. McMahon’s for almost 10 years, during which time she has guided me through the selection and use of two sets of Oticon hearing aids with knowledgeable advice and excellent success. She is always available, even on short notice, and is willing to spend substantial office time discussing any questions. She provides a wholly satisfactory, professional experience in an informal, friendly manner."

~ Anonymous

"My wife and I both have hearing aids obtained from Hearing Aid Consultants of Cortland and Ithaca. We received our services at the Cortland office and found the entire staff to be friendly, helpful, and professional. We were pleased that our initial hearing evaluations were so thorough and that the results were reviewed with us in so much detail. Peter, our consultant, was very helpful with the hearing aid selection process, which was tailored to each of our individual hearing needs. We are also impressed with the customer service and care provided to us during the first several weeks when we were adjusting to our new hearing aids and adjusting the hearing aids to us. Our hearing aids from Hearing Aid Consultants have definitely improved our quality of life."

~ Gary and Carole L.

"I have been going to the Hearing Aid Consultants for a number of years. I have received nothing but great service. They explain what they are going to do and why. They give you the results and explain them. I have had one set of hearing aids for five years. When I started having difficulty hearing again, I came back to Hearing Aid Consultants. They checked my hearing again and put me into a newer, upgraded hearing aid. I can hear much better now. They always give me great service."

~ Ellen B.

"‘Honey, could you turn the TV volume down, please.’ ‘You used to listen to music all the time, but you seem to have lost the enjoyment.’ ‘I’m honestly not whispering; I’m talking in a normal voice.’ I was having trouble hearing what people were saying, especially my wife. I was also having difficulty hearing folks in the support group I lead for Alzheimer’s care givers. In church, I would put my hands to my ears and push them forward to ‘catch’ more from the minister. I got so used to my hearing loss that I didn’t notice it. And then a friend of mine told me about Hearing Aid Consultants of Cortland and Judy McMahon. She kept after me, and finally I had my hearing tested. It was almost too easy to be real. I have used my hearing aids for almost a year, and they are so well fitted that I don’t realize I’m wearing them. Taking care of them and doing the minimal maintenance is easy. The volume of the TV is normal now. I hear what my wife is saying the first time around, and I’m enjoying music more than I had been. I don’t have to be so close [to] the members of the support group to hear them. I don’t know why I put off engaging Hearing Aid Consultants, but I am thankful I did. Professionally and personally, it was an excellent move. I highly recommend them to anyone missing out from hearing loss."

~ Bill H.

"I am a 55-year-old woman, and I have worn hearing aids for the past 43 years. I have seen many changes and advancements in the technology of hearing aids over the past four decades. I have been a customer at Hearing Aid Consultants since 2003, and I have purchased three sets of hearing aids from them during that time. The staff is always pleasant, courteous, and professional. They have met my needs time and time again, whether it be work or home. A few years ago I was having some difficulty hearing on the phone at work. Since my profession was in the secretarial field, it was paramount that I hear on the phone. Peter McMahon I suggested I upgrade to newer hearing aids, plus add external phone devices. These changes enabled me to hear phone conversations crystal clear! He even came to my place of employment to work with the telecommunications department to hook up the phone devices free of charge. Everyone at Hearing Aid Consultants (Judy, Peter, and Nina) have always gone above and beyond, never pressuring me to upgrade until I am ready. They truly care about their clients, and you are always treated like a fond neighbor or friend."

~ Brenda G.

"My husband and I chose Hearing Aid Consultants of Cortland for our hearing aids simply because of their reputation in this area. We were not disappointed. They take special care in making sure the areas of our hearing loss are met. The product they sell is of the highest standard and has met our needs entirely. Even in a room full of loud people, we are able to hear the person next to us. What a pleasure it is to be able to hear every word spoken. Hearing Aid Consultants’ pleasant and professional manner leaves nothing to be desired."

~ Donald and Gloria L.

"I have worn a hearing aid for more than 25 years. The technology and design have advanced remarkably over time since I got my first unit. I could not be more pleased with my Oticon units. The sound is so realistic. The professionals at Hearing Aid Consultants are first rate. There are no hidden charges, follow-up support is excellent, and this firm is highly recommended."

~ Gordon T. L.

"The whole staff is awesome. Being a kid, they knew that it was going to be uncomfortable for me to wear hearing aids. They showed me all the cool colors and they let me pick it out. It made me adjust to the hearing aids better."

~ Kevin P.

"I been a customer of Hearing Aid Consultants of Cortland for a number of years and have been very satisfied with the service of Judy…and the office staff. Being able to hear has made my life more rewarding. Thanks for all you have done."

~ Marvin O.

"I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for you fitting Tom with his new hearing aids. Our lives are so much more peaceful now that I don’t have to yell, repeat, and fill Tom in on conversations. It was stressful to both of us. I have to ask him now, ‘Could you turn up the TV just a tad?’ I see such a difference in him now."

~ Janet J.

"The hearing aids are working great! Thanks for the opportunity to get my hearing back up to near normal. As Janet stated, I have to ask her now if the TV is loud enough for her. Glad to be back in the conversation again with people."

~ Tom J.

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