" The Benefits of Bluetooth Technology in Hearing Aids

The Benefits of Bluetooth Technology in Hearing Aids

One of the most popular features in hearing aids right now is smartphone connectivity. More and more, we're seeing manufacturers create hearing aids that can stream audio and connect to apps on our phones. As technology continues to advance and more aspects of our lives become digitized, this type of innovation seems like a natural progression in hearing aid development. But how does this feature work, and do you or your loved ones with hearing loss need it? Keep reading to find out.

Connecting Your Hearing Aids to Your Smartphone

How It Works

In order to link with your cell phone, most hearing aids utilize Bluetooth wireless technology. Bluetooth technology was first introduced back in the 90s, but only recently has it become available for hearing aids. Essentially, Bluetooth is a type of wireless communication that uses radio waves to transmit data between devices. It allows you to stream audio from your phone to your car, speakers, headphones and now hearing aids.

Inside of a Bluetooth-compatible hearing device, there's something called telecoils, or T-coils. Once you pair a device and start streaming audio, these T-coils detect the sound. At the same time, the microphone inside the hearing aids shuts off, so that the wearer doesn't have to worry about background noise interfering with sound quality.

What You Can Do with Bluetooth

The reason why so many people with hearing loss are switching to hearing aids with smartphone connectivity is because they love the convenience and freedom. They no longer have to remove their hearing aids just to put in earbuds. And, they can listen to whatever they want, whenever they want, with the privacy and auditory clarity they need.

Not to mention, Bluetooth hearing aids can connect to more than just a cell phone. They can also link with compatible tablets, MP3 players, laptops, computers and TVs. In fact, multiple devices can be paired at once, allowing you to switch between them as needed. Some examples of things you can listen to and use with Bluetooth hearing aids include:

  • GPS
  • Pandora
  • YouTube
  • Netflix & Hulu
  • iTunes
  • TV
  • FaceTime
  • And much, much more

Customizable Sound Settings

While the hearing aids are paired to a phone, the sound can be controlled through an app. Right from the palm of your hand, you can independently adjust the volume of the left/right devices, view battery life, enhance the sound quality and more based on your individual needs and preferences. Most hearing aids equipped with Bluetooth are compatible with both Android and Apple devices. Some may be able to connect directly to the cell phone, while others require the use of a streamer.

The Future of Hearing Aids

Technology is moving forward, and so are hearing aids. To enjoy a more personalized listening experience wherever you are, hearing aids with Bluetooth technology may be the best option for you. To learn more about this technology and how it can benefit the hearing aid wearing experience, talk to your provider today.

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